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Roaring Back into Action

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I realized this Halloween when I dressed up as a vampire that it’s a real turn-on for some people. My boyfriend had his paws all over me that night while we were at a concert. And that got me to thinking. What is it that is so mysterious about having sex with a vampire? Why do we lust after it so? Crave it?

It’s a question that may never be answered, but I decided on Halloween to get back into writing. I have some new ideas, a new selection for a genre, and even a few covers for a book I may use.

Stay tune. I’ll be posting more.

Vampire Eye Candy – Aidan Turner

Author: Randi

I love vampires. I could be one :P I read anything related to vamps: books, magazines, blogs, you name it. I see vampire movies too. True Blood, the new HBO series is pretty rad. I'm enjoying it alot. Eric, the Viking vampire is delicious!

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