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Guest Authors for December

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97040125Guest Authors for December who will be featured on my blog have been determined. I’m so excited to have all of these authors on my blog and I want to thank them in advance for sharing their wonderful works of fiction with us here.

Be sure to mark these dates on your calendars!

12/1 Tammy Dennings Maggy – Learn more about Tammy at Amazon.
12/13 Zara StoneleyRead a sample chapter from Zara’s latest book, Good Enough to Share.
12/15 Jewels MossView Jewels’ latest cover of her book.
12/18 Alexandra AnthonyRead a spoiler from Alexandra’s latest book in the Vampire Destiny series. Awakening will be released in December.
12/22 Victoria Embers – Learn more about Victoria and her erotic short story series on her blog.


Author: Randi

I love vampires. I could be one :P I read anything related to vamps: books, magazines, blogs, you name it. I see vampire movies too. True Blood, the new HBO series is pretty rad. I'm enjoying it alot. Eric, the Viking vampire is delicious!

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