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Hot Eye Candy – Colin Farrell

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Collin-Farrel-collin-farrel-81040_1024_768I’ve been watching Fright Night, the remake of the 1985 film, every time it comes on television. I can’t get enough of Colin Farrell. I just love him as Jerry, the vampire, but I think I also like the overall cast including Anton Yelchin, David Tennant, and Toni Collette in the movie too.

So that’s why this month’s eye candy is Colin Farrell.

Quotes by Colin Farrell (source)

“Being Irish is very much a part of who I am. I take it everywhere with me.”

“I couldn’t care less about who sees my bits … My friends asked how I could do scenes like that and not get excited, but it wasn’t like that. My bits looked the size of a cashew nut!” (on appearing nude in Tigerland (2000)).

(On the girl that will interest him) “The usual obvious bullshit. Sense of humour, a bit of danger, good fun. A good heart is a really sexy thing. All women have the potential to be sexy and it’s nothing to do with the dress someone wears or the make-up they put on their face, it’s the aged-old cliché saying: ‘What comes from inside’. God, I’ve met gorgeous women who I’d fancy and give one to, but at the end of the day they’re not particularly sexy because they haven’t got much going inside and they are too concerned with themselves. And then I’ve met women who wouldn’t be as nearly as attractive and, because of the sense of fun they have and their joi de vivre, as they say, they’d be much sexier and you’d fall for them in a nanosecond.”

[on his vampire character in Fright Night (2011)] He is an incredible observer of human behavior. Human beings are simultaneously a point of fascination and a point of disgust. He is sick of them. They are weak, they are flawed, they feel too much. But he needs them to survive.



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I love vampires. I could be one :P I read anything related to vamps: books, magazines, blogs, you name it. I see vampire movies too. True Blood, the new HBO series is pretty rad. I'm enjoying it alot. Eric, the Viking vampire is delicious!

One thought on “Hot Eye Candy – Colin Farrell

  1. Reblogged this on Ally Thomas and commented:
    Loving Jerry, the vampire 😀 I think Colin did an awesome job in Fright Night!

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