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Smashwords Authors Publish Five Billion Words

Smashwords Authors Published 138.070+ Books

Original Article Written By Dianna Dilworth on July 13, 2012 3:42 PM

Digital publishing site Smashwords has published more than 138,070 books, exceeding a total of five billion words. This article was republished here without permission. The original article is at GalleryCat written by Dianna Dilworth on July 13th.

Smashwords founder Mark Coker revealed some interesting statistics in a blog post: “As I write this, five of the Apple’s iBookstore’s top 20 bestsellers are from Smashwords authors R.L. Mathewson (read our interview with R.L. Mathewson here), S.C. Stephens(we’ll publish an interview with S.C. very soon at the Smashwords blog) and Jamie McGuire (Jamie just sold rights to a traditional publisher).  That’s one in four.  12 months ago, those five slots were occupied by the books from traditional publishers. 12 months from now, how many more slots will be occupied by an indie author?  That’s up to you.”

AppNewser has more about sales projections: “According to Coker, Smashwords retailers will sell $18 to $20 million worth of eBooks this year.”

Here are a few Independent Authors I know and have contributed to over 130,000 books published at Smashwords.

Alexandra Anthony, author of the Vampire Destiny series. Meet Alexandra at Smashwords.

Catherine Wolffe, author of the Loflin Legacy series and the upcoming western/paranormal feature “The Lady in the Mist (A Werewolf’s Tale). Meet Catherine at Smashwords.

Ally Thomas, author of the paranormal fantasy series, The Vampire from Hell.  Meet Ally at Smashwords.