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Easing into Halloween with Randi Fang’s Desire (It’s Free)

Desire is FREE on B&N! Cover design by Ally Thomas

Desire is FREE on B&N! Cover design by Ally Thomas

My ebook, Desire is now FREE on Smashwords and Amazon. I thought today I’d share two excerpts with you and give you the download links. Happy early Halloween, everyone! ~randi

About Desire

Desire (Erotic Vampire Confessions #1) begins as she explores this subject with her first vampire to interview, a fan of the fang whom Randi calls simply Rose. “Desire” is 8,100 words.

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FIRST EXCERPT from Desire:

My first interview is with a vampire we will call ‘Rose.’  I’m not going to ‘out’ her and tell you who she is.  You may have read her blog because, like me, she is online a lot and she loves to write or blog I guess.  If you haven’t read my blog, I can tell you her father was demon, one of the seven Princes of Hell actually and he turned her.  Soon after their relationship ended badly.  Probably because she ripped his heart out.  Literally.  We vampires tend to have an issue with anger management.

She doesn’t have a loving relationship with her family.  Even before killing her father, she was the outcast.  Her friends, human and vampire alike, have become the people she cares about.  Her real family.  Our first interview is below.

Interview Begins

Interview by Randi Fang with ‘Rose,’ blogger, vampire, lover of mankind.  Recorded September 15, 2011 at a café in Union Square, San Francisco, CA.

Me:  Hi Rose, thanks so much for joining me for this interview.  I really appreciate your being available.  You’re very kind to open up your busy schedule for me.

Rose arched an eyebrow at me and did that infamous clicking noise with her teeth.

Rose: What are you talking about?  I see you all the time.  Why are you acting like we don’t know each other?

Me:  I’m an idiot.  I’m sorry.  Have you thought about what I asked you to do?

Rose:  Coming up with a few confessions I can share with your readers?

Me:  Yes.

Rose:  I have actually.  I have one to tell you about really.  A juicy one.  I hope this is what you are looking for.  It’s not too freaky.  You said to not start with anything freaky, right?

Me:  That’s right.  That sounds great!  But just one?  I thought you’d have more than that.

Politely I smile at Rose as I notice her green eyes sparkle brilliantly in the low light setting of the cafe.  I arrived early and found a table for us in the back away from the holiday crowds.

Rose nodded and dipped her finger in the cup of green tea sitting before her.  I motioned to a waiter and pointed at my empty cup of soda.

Rose: I wasn’t sure what I wanted to tell you at first, so I thought one would work for now.  I can give you more later.  You know?  So what are we supposed to do here?

Me:  You talk and I’ll record.  I may ask you a question or two here or there, but I don’t want to interrupt you to break the flow of the story.  Okay?

Rose’s green eyes grew lazy as she studied me.  Hastily she dried off her index finger and reached for her iPhone when a text message came in.

Rose:  Just a second.

She pushed up the sleeves of her long black fitted knit top.  I noticed the skull image on the front of the shirt looked oddly out of proportion.  Rose is a very attractive lady, even though she doesn’t spend a lot of time on fixing herself up.  It’s a natural sort of beauty, high cheekbones, full lips, a little button nose, long shiny black hair, and a toned physique held in a slender frame for her 5’ 9” height.  I surmised to look away before I become more envious.  If she was bi-curious at all, I’d invite her to some of my events, but I knew better than to bring it up.  Rose loved the cock.  Period.

I glanced up at Rose as she held a hand in front of me, staring at her phone as her thumb blurs in motion.  I flipped through my notebook hoping to pretend I was looking at my questions instead of her beauty.

The waiter brought me a fresh soda and I noticed Rose’s attention shifted to the table.

Rose: How can you drink that stuff?  It looks nasty and it hisses.

Me: How can you drink blood tea?

I pointed to the greenish yellow liquid in her cup.

Me:  My beverage looks weirder than that?

She rolled her eyes at me, a gesture I have seen on more than one occasion.  Briefly she nodded and ignored me as she resumed playing with her phone.  I waited for her to respond to a few more text messages and emails.  Then I took my life in my own hands.  The legends about Rose being a vampire who had tasted angel and god blood intrigued me.  I knew she was far more powerful than I’d ever hope to be, but as our interviews began I had to test the boundaries I had with her.

Me:  You’re going to have to turn that off.  I need your full attention.

I raised a knowing eyebrow at her and let a devilish grin cross my face.

Me:  Please.

She shook a finger at me and I bit my lip briefly when I witness the length of her long nail.  It reminded me of a hawk’s talon.  My fangs are not nearly as long or impressive, but I pressed my luck a little further.

Rose:  Nice try.  I’ll mute it.  That’s the best I can do.  If I miss one task from my superiors, there will be Hell to pay.  You get me?

Me:  Fair enough.  I thought it was worth a try.

I smiled at her without letting my eyes engage hers and realized that this interview was going to be a tough one with distractions.   Getting the first story would have to be enough for now.  Rose was a very complicated vampire, one who thought she was out to save the world, a mission I would never want to assume.

She sensed my concern immediately and patted me on the hand, knowing I’ll like it.

Rose:  Pussycat, I wrote everything down.  You can sit there and sip your fizzy drink and just listen.  How’s that?

Me:  Perfect.

I relaxed, putting the heels of my black leather books on the rung of the chair next to her, and pushed the Record button on my device.

Rose:  I hope it’s okay.  I decided to change the players’ names.  So I wouldn’t be discovered.  Is that fine?

I nodded ‘yes,’ and then raised the cold soda to my lips.  Rose was the James Bond of all vampires.  I knew better than to disagree with her on even the slightest issue.

Rose:  After our talk the other day about what makes us, vampires tick, I think I have to agree with you.  It’s blood and sex.  Either is on my mind every minute of the day unless someone is trying to kill me or harm a friend of mine.  So that’s what this first story is about.  Does that work for you?

Again I nodded approvingly.



Anyways as I was saying…Aidan_red

Sometime this past summer, I was hanging out with my best friend when I happened to meet Adam Tyler who plays the vampire, Ray Mason in the popular TV show, Blood Realm.  Think tall, dark, handsome, and, at the same time, incredibly witty, sexy, and charming.  That’s Adam.  Here’s how my first meeting started off.  I wrote it up as a story.  Let me read it to you.


“Stalking fan, that’s it, Adam.  I’m a stalker.  There we go.”

“So you do know who I am!”  His white teeth glistened as he gave me a wide self-assured grin in the dim lighting.  He leaned against the brickwall near me.  His cherry red t-shirt clinged to his chest and his dark jeans seemed to be fitted around his muscular legs.  It startled me when I realized Adam was closer to my height of 5’8”.  I didn’t have to look up at him.  It was a wonderful, yet easy fit.  Even in the darkness, he was a vision.  Lisa had referred to Adam as ‘sex on a stick incarnate.’  And tonight I could definitely say it was a true statement.

Instantly images of paparazzi photos of him flashed before my eyes.  Lisa was in the habit of emailing or texting me photos of him where fans had outlined his large package.  Did he really have as big a cock as she and others claimed?  It made a girl wonder, and there was only one way to find out.

The minute he was within my grasp, I snuggled my face into his neck and held him in my arms.  I stroked the fabric of his shirt sleeve, feeling the tightness of his muscles.  “I don’t make a great stalker, do I?”

“The fangs help, but I don’t think I’m buying you that book now.”  He moaned as I responded by slipping my hands downwards along his waist, running one of my nails under his shirt and around his belly button.  Casually he stretched his long legs before me.

“I want that book,” I said.  “I just thought wearing fangs would certainly set me apart from the others in the park, you know?”  I continued to breathe slowly, making sure I sounded cool and confident.  “You noticed me, didn’t you?”

“Uh huh,” he whispered.  His breaths rapidly hit the side of my neck as he leaned into me and I knew I’d come in a heartbeat if he touched me down there.  I was extremely wet.

Suddenly jerking away from me, I saw the concern in his face.  “You must think I’m awful.  I don’t normally do this.  Rush after people.”

“But you fuck your fans in alleys?” I giggled as I paused waiting to pop open the top button on his jeans.

A devilish smile crossed his face.  “No, of course not.  I thought I was saving you.  You looked upset when you bolted out of there.  Are you okay?”

“I’m much better now,” I replied and unzipped his jeans.  His erection was busting at the seams and his cock unceremoniously fell into my hands.  Oh my, I thought.  Lisa and her friends’ theory was correct.  Could I really do this?


Special note: Ally Thomas did my cover. Learn more about Cover Designs by Ally Thomas.

If you liked the guy in the Red shirt, that’s Aidan Turner. See more pics of him at SexyAidanTuner on Facebook.